“Since working with SBR our Medi-Cal billing dollar amount has increased. We have support to work through issues in case of an audit and to help train staff on how to keep appropriate records. SBR provides both in person and virtual support systems to providers and office staff and I appreciate having SBR update me on new rules and best practices. As the Director I rarely have time to research this and SBR has helped my district to stay on top of it.”

“Working with SBR has been a very positive experience for our school district. SBR has helped us to maximize our generated funds, improve our systems, and navigate an intense audit. What we have been most impressed with is the education and training that the group has provided me and my staff.”

“I appreciate SBR quick response to emails and support completing the CRCS reports. SBR is a very important part of our district Medi-Cal Management team by attending meetings to support our needs and medical providers. They have always been accommodating with provider trainings and are accessible. Thanks for all you do, and congratulations on 10 years of success.”

“Congratulations to SBR on their 10th anniversary!
My experiences have all been positive with your organization…I have found your staff to be more than helpful and efficient…always dealing with issues or responding to questions in a timely manner. Everyone I have had the pleasure to interact with has ALWAYS gone the extra mile and provided all I needed, and then some, to make the system work. It is a true pleasure to have SBR working alongside me.”

“We have had nothing but the best customer service from SBR. The representatives are always pleasant and easily available to answer any questions we may have. Responses are always returned in a timely manner and with great accuracy. The time and effort that is put into SBR's services behind the scenes makes all the difference in the world when submitting information and reports to the state.”

"Vista Unified School District began our relationship with SBR Partners in 2010 to manage our Medi-cal reimbursement efforts. During this time I have worked closely with SBR in our efforts to maximize our billing potential and they provided us with guidance in compliance and management of the process. I believe I can speak for other members of our VUSD that SBR has always been willing to go above and beyond in their service to our District. From offering extensive trainings to personalized customer service, SBR is responsive to our needs. Their management of our reimbursement accounts has facilited our ability to provide additional health related services to our students."

“SBR has helped immensely with our Medi-Cal billing in more ways than one. They are quick to help train our staff, they respond urgently to any request we might have, and they are always reaching out to see if they can help in any way. SBR has been a wonderful partner to us, and we are grateful for their services. I pray for many more years of success for you all”

“My name is Steve Polonsky and I am Co-Chair of the occupational therapy and physical therapy department at West Contra Costa Unified School District. We have twenty four therapists who all participate in Medi-Cal billing. This past year we began working with SBR and our experience has been wonderful. The SBR team has been very timely and professional in all of their correspondence with us. We have found Sheila and Michael to be extremely well informed and able to answer all of our questions. SBR has been willing to customize their platform to meet the unique needs of our therapists.”

“SBR has provided Medi-Cal reimbursement services for Riverside Unified School District for several years. They are always available to provide support when we need them and they definitely make our jobs so much easier when it comes to obtaining reimbursement for the services we provide. SBR is also very helpful in maximizing our potential for reimbursements so that we can provide even mores services for our students.”

“I have had the opportunity to work with SBR Partners for more than 10 years in my school district. I have found the staff to be professional, knowledgeable, and a genuine pleasure to work with. The SBR team is always responsive to requests for support or additional staff trainings, and consistently provides a quick response to any questions or concerns I may have.”

“SBR has provided me with strong and knowledgeable customer service during a year of fluctuation and uncertainty. The SBR team has recognized the needs of our Special Education department during its transition of temps, change in positions and responsibilities. Michael and Sheila are true professionals. Their knowledge of LEA billing is outstanding! Even more impressive is their ability to be proactive in sharing their knowledge, skills and expertise needed for our district in improving our LEA billing performance. SBR has shown AUSD a great deal of attentiveness, clear and strong communication skills, knowledge of their product, excellent time management and most of all patience! My experience with SBR has been of the highest excellence and quality and I look forward with pleasure to the future of working with SBR.”

“SBR has excellent customer service. They know everyone by name the first time they meet you. They are responsive and helpful and always go out of their way to ensure things are done thoroughly. I so appreciate their support!”

“It has been a pleasure working with SBR Partners LLC. Over the last year your company has provided valuable trainings to our district and has helped us get back on track. Without out the support, I would be lost. Thank you.”

“As a speech-language pathologist, I do a lot of Medi-CAL billing through SBR. Any time I need to add new students or determine the best way to document a private school assessment, the SBR team has been very helpful. They respond very quickly to questions and have been a great resource! Whenever I contact Elise, she always gets back to me within a day or less, and usually, it is even within an hour. She is always friendly, and I am grateful to have her quick responses. It allows me to do my job without missing a step. Thanks, Elise!”

“Natomas Unified has worked with SBR for the last 2 years and the entire SBR team has been extremely helpful, and is very knowledgeable when it comes to the Medi-Cal Billing Program. SBR is very communicative and works hard to help your LEA maximize its reimbursements. SBR has been easy to work with and has been very patient with me as I took on the lead role within the program, and it’s because of SBR that I feel confident in my role now.”

“SBR is highly recommended by the Alameda Unified School District. This group has been highly helpful to the district in securing Medi-CAL LEA funds that has increased our revenue to make purchases that are invaluable to our students. SBR exercises care to ensure that the funds we secure are well documented for any internal audits that may occur. SBR has also provided training and consultation to ensure that LEA billing logs are completed correctly and well understood by our staff. They have trained various related service job alike groups, and the SBR platform for recording service logs is highly user friendly and easy to use. Our district uses the logging system for documentation of service purposes. We have been able, for example, to answer parent inquiries regarding services by referring to the logs that are easy to access. The platform also makes the completion of ORP forms simple, including the procurement of MD signatures. We have found SBR to be extremely helpful and highly recommend their services.”

“SBR is always available to provide support when we need them! They’re quick to respond to questions, emails and requests for trainings. They are responsive to our feedback about the program, making improvements that will meet the needs of our staff.”

“I have been working with SBR Partners for two and a half years now and have nothing but praise and thanks for the job they have done. Since we seem to need everything NOW with Medi-Cal billing and invoicing, I am always asking questions or needing a report immediately. Michael and Company come through with flying colors. Connecting with them is so much easier than the 2 larger firms we worked with in the past. We made a great move!”

“Working with SBR has been a very positive experience. Their web-based reporting system for LEA Medi-Cal billing is the best product that we have used to date. The SBR team has been responsive to our feedback about the program and has made improvements accordingly. They are also quick to respond to any technical questions that we have had. Finally, Michael, Sheila, and Carly are three of the nicest people to work with.”

“The team at SBR is awesome. They have gone out of their way to help when I didn't understand, or when I needed assistance adding a new student to my billing caseload. They are prompt, courteous, and very helpful. Our district tried a few other companies before using SBR and when I had to deal with the other companies, it was a nightmare. With SBR it is like they are working for only me with all the personal attention they give whenever I have a question. I am sure you will be as satisfied working with SBR as our district is; from the Director down to the Speech Specialist doing the therapy. “

- Sarah Kappler
Director of Special Services
New Haven Unified School District

- Nick Berger
SELPA Director, Special Education
West Contra Costa USD

- Bernadette “Bernie” Bettencourt RN, MSN, CSN
Director of Comprehensive Health Services
Stockton Unified School District

- Jane Simmons
Riverside Unified School District

- Christyal Salinas
Office Technician- Special Education Department
New Haven Unified School District

- Doris Shapiro, RN, MSN
Lead District Credentialed School Nurse
Vista Unified School District

- Craig Chilson, BBA
SUSD Health Services

- Steve Polonsky, O.T./ L
Occupational Therapy Department Co-Chair
West Contra Costa USD

- John Davis RN, FNP-C
Lead Nurse, Health Services
Riverside Unified School District

- Linda Rath
School Psychologist
Vista Unified School District

- Mary Hallford
Budget Analyst/Special Education
Alameda Unified School District

- Abby Sindaha
Riverside Unified School District

- Alexis Hearnes
Program Coordinator
Antioch Unified School District

- Kristin Childs
Speech Language Pathologist
Vista Unified School District

- La Sandra Hart
Account Tech III, MAA / LEA Coordinator
Natomas Unified School District

- Pam Kazee
Director of Special Education
Alameda Unified School District

- Natalie Sanchez, MOT, OTR/L
Lead Occupational Therapist
West Contra Costs USD

- Marty Garchar
MAA / LEA Coordinator
Alameda Unified School District

- Scott Fry, M.S.
School Psychologist / Chairperson of Psychological Services
Stockton Unified School District

- Kathy Mabie, M.A., CCC-SLP
Speech/Language Specialist
Stockton Unified School District

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