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  • Peace of Mind with DHCS Audits:  We have automated processes for E-Signature and E-Storage so that when DHCS audits your district’s program for documentation, this information is available with a few clicks of a mouse.
  • ORP Process Made Easy:  We have automated the process of acquiring and tracking doctor’s orders for treatment services. This helps to ensure maximum program reimbursement and compliance.
  • IEP Service Tracking:  Our system integrates IEP service data for tracking fulfillment of services rendered.
  • LEA Billing Practitioner / MAA-TSP Coordination:  Our system has tools to track the practitioners identified in the LEA Billing Program with your MAA-RMTS time survey participants (TSPs). This also helps to ensure maximum program reimbursement and compliance.
  • CRCS Preparation:  We prepare the CRCS and act as the main contact with DHCS in the event of an audit. Even for school years prior to SBR’s involvement with the district.
  • Easy Transition:  SBR prepares all transition contracts with DHCS. Our training strategies ensure that all practitioners are prepared to immediately document services in SBR’s user-friendly system.
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